Support Brooktondale Baptist Church

Pray for Us

* Continual unity of the Spirit

* Godly leaders among us

* Genuine disciples of Christ

* Bold outreach with the gospel

* Reach our next generation

* Be good stewards


A Work


1. Evangelistic, VBS, Special                service, sports

2. Help with Electronics

3. Special Music Team

4. Building-Renovation Teams

5. Special Teaching Teams

6. Leadership Encouragement

7. Maybe You have a special ability 

Financially Support BBC

1. Send checks to 

     Brooktondale Baptist Church 

     P.O. Box 144             

     Brooktondale, NY 14817

2. Use Bill Pay at your Bank and send to 

     Brooktondale Baptist Church 

     P.O. Box 144             

     Brooktondale, NY 14817

3. Use PayPal

* If you have special instructions, write it in the memo line.

* We will send you a year end report for taxes. Make sure you     leave the proper information with us so we can record and

   send a year end report to you. For PayPal donation, please 

   keep your return thanks your emails for records. 

* P.O. Box 144 is were we get mail and 2311 Slaterville Road       is where our assembly meets.