Why We Are Here

Since 2016, we have led the effort to start this Christian based riding club to bring people closer to the LOVE of God through the love of their horses. 


The mission of the Saddle Up for Jesus Club is to instill the love of God and horses through horse riding in a supportive, innovative and fun club environment and:

  • To provide an opportunity for collective prayer and outreach in our community.

  • To provide a fun, challenging and interactive environment for riders.

  • To learn about horse care and God's care for us as well as our horses.

  • To create a Christian educational environment for families to come together to share their love of God, horses and horse riding.

  • To encourage young people to ride and to carry their love for Jesus and their horses to the community and the world.

  • To give instruction in horsemanship and to instill in members the proper care for their horse and through this medium to promote the highest Christian values as well as sportsmanship, citizenship and loyalty.

  • To cultivate strength of character and self discipline in the members of the club.